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If you recently lost a loved one in Richmond, British Columbia, we are extremely sorry for the grief you’re going through. If you’re also facing an estate dispute in the wake of their death, you may be feeling as if salt is being rubbed into your already raw wound. When you should be focused on healing, celebrating a life, and finding comfort in your family, legal conflicts and dilemmas are likely the last thing you want to be dealing with. Our compassionate and skilled Richmond estate litigation lawyers at Lam Legal are here to guide you through the process and help you achieve the best resolution.

We are a team of trial lawyers who truly care about you and your family, as well as the outcome of your case, so you can rely on us to listen to your story and offer the most objective, effective guidance possible. We have a collective 85 years of legal experience that we will put to work putting you in the best position for success. Call today to schedule your free consultation where we can answer your questions and discuss your next steps.

What Causes Estate Disputes?

The laws surrounding wills, trusts, and estates are quite complex, which makes it very easy for conflict to arise for various reasons. Many times, the overwhelming emotions that a person experiences after the death of a loved one cause them to act out in a way they normally wouldn’t; they may feel that the decedent treated them unfairly with their inheritance, that they didn’t receive a pair portion of the estate, or that the executor administered the estate incorrectly.

Aside from complicated family dynamics, there may be issues with legal documents, such as vague or unclear language, claims of undue influence, claims of a lack of capacity, or outdated terms that did not accurately reflect the decedent’s true wishes at the time they passed.

Our compassionate Richmond estate litigation lawyers understand that many of these issues involve family members who have sadly found themselves adversaries of other loved ones. While we will always be staunch advocates for our clients, you can depend on our team to treat your case with sensitivity and empathy.

Our Skilled Richmond Estate Litigation Lawyers Are Seasoned In Handling…

Wills Variations – If your spouse passed without making sufficient provisions for you and your children, you still have a right to their assets under British Columbia’s Wills, Estate and Succession Act. Lam Legal will file a court application on your behalf to make alterations to the will that ensure you receive the aid you need.

Capacity Claims – In order for a will to be legally valid, the testator (person who created it) must have been in the mental state required by law. This means they must have understood the nature and impact of the will, as well as the nature and scope of their property, and they must have been free of any mental disorder or insane delusions that could result in an undesirable disposition. If you desire to make a claim that your loved one lacked testamentary capacity at the time of their will signing, our thorough Richmond estate litigation lawyers will investigate your case, file all the necessary paperwork on your behalf, consult relevant experts, and put you in the best possible position to get what is rightfully yours.

Breach of Trust – Executors should be acting in the best interests of the estate’s beneficiaries, so if you believe them to have acted otherwise, we can assist you in filing for their removal and petitioning the court to appoint an administrator in their place.

Claims of Undue Influence – Again, in order for a will to be legally valid, the testator must not have been the victim of any undue influence which caused them to make a new will or amend their existing one. If you believe such influence took place, our team will conduct an investigation into your claim, file all the necessary paperwork on your behalf, and effectively guide you through your case.

And More.

Trust Lam Legal To Handle Conflict With Compassion

While we can and will always attempt mediation or negotiation if it’s possible, we are not afraid to go to bat for you in a courtroom and defend your interests in front of a judge. Call today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how our knowledgeable Richmond estate litigation lawyers can give you an advantage.

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