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Richmond, BC Business Lawyers

Growing a business is a legal undertaking as well as a financial one; regardless of where you are at in your entrepreneurial journey, you will inevitably require the services of a lawyer at some point. Whether you need a contract reviewed or a dispute resolved, our Richmond, BC business lawyers can protect your interests and your investment! Call Lam Legal for a free consultation to discuss your unique needs and get a strategic plan of action. 

Why choose our team to represent you? 

We often refer to ourselves as “trial lawyers who care”, and we believe those are the two most important things about us that clients need to know. Firstly, we are trial lawyers; we are trial-proven litigators, with extensive experience in the courtroom advocating for business owners in a variety of situations. Many business lawyers only deal in transactional business law, which means that they handle the paperwork but do not represent clients if lawsuits or other disputes arise; we can do both! Our multilingual Richmond, BC business lawyers have over 85 years of collective experience that can give you an advantage. 

Secondly, we care – your business goals are important to us, because we realize that they represent years of hard work and sacrifice and innovation. We are dedicated to your success. If you are facing litigation, we realize this can seem overwhelming and threaten to disrupt everything you have built, so you can rely on us to provide empathetic and objective advice. We will work closely with you every step of the way to achieve a favorable outcome. 

Matters our Richmond, BC business lawyers are well-versed in:

Debt collection – Unpaid invoices are the bane of many companies. If you have major outstanding debts from your customers, or you are regularly not being paid for the goods or services you render, that hurts your company’s growth and prevents you from seizing future financial opportunities. We can advise you on the most effective ways to recover the past-due debts you are owed, whether that is by filing liens or through other means. We won’t stop until you get paid. 

Breach of contract claims – Contracts are foundational to the growth of your business; without signing contracts with employees, vendors, business partners, shareholders, tenants, landlords, and other parties, you wouldn’t be able to do much. However, if someone else doesn’t uphold their end of the deal with you, or if you are accused of not upholding your end of the deal with someone else, you may need to pursue litigation in order to defend your rights. In any dispute, we’ll have your back. 

Construction litigation – Construction projects are often fraught with legal complications. If there are issues or accusations related to missed deadlines, non-payment, poor working conditions, quality and scope of work performed, worker’s injury claims, or something else, our Richmond, BC business lawyers actually have extensive experience specifically working within the construction industry and are uniquely qualified to handle even the most complicated construction-related conflicts. 

Commercial real estate – We assist with leases and transactions of commercial properties, as well as disagreements about maintenance, tenants, rent payments, service providers, and more. 

Protect the future growth of your company

The approach we take will differ based on the circumstances your business finds itself in, but our aim is always the same – to minimize risk and maximize opportunity. For any transactional matter, such as helping your business choose the right entity or write a strong contract or purchase a building, our goal is to ensure a strong foundation is laid that decreases the likelihood of future disputes or litigation occurring. For any litigation matter, our goal is to resolve the issue quickly and cost-effectively so it doesn’t disrupt your business’s trajectory. Call Lam Legal’s skilled team of Richmond, BC business lawyers and learn more about what we can do to serve you, starting with a free conslultation. 

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