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Surrey, BC Business Lawyers

Entrepreneurship and law go together like peanut butter and jelly. No matter what manner of business you are involved in, you will need the services of a lawyer sooner rather than later. Even if litigation is not the issue, there are several legalities tied up in the day-to-day operations of a business, so engaging a team of Surrey, BC business lawyers is a wise move, even if it’s simply pre-emptive.

At Lam Legal, we have over 85 years of combined experience protecting business interests. We have settled legal disputes for corporations of all sizes, and we are seasoned in multiple areas of business law, including some more niche areas of practice. We have the expertise to help cover your business legalities, so reach out for a free consultation and learn how we can benefit your business.

Surrey, BC Business Lawyers

Common Business Legalities We Handle

Litigation is not the sole reason your business needs the help of a lawyer. In fact, it’s one of many reasons that are comparatively more routine, but no less essential. Here are a few of the common legal issues we can handle for you now to save you trouble down the line:

  • Contracts: When you enter into an agreement with an employee, vendor, business partner, sponsor, or other entity, you want to ensure that your contract is legally valid and enforceable. Reviewing contracts is a standard service. If, during your business relationship, you discover that someone has broken the terms of the contract or intends to take legal action for what they perceive is a contract breach on your part, litigation becomes a real possibility for which you will want experienced and aggressive representation.
  • Debt collection: Your company’s growth depends on a steady cash flow and payments rendered from your clients. If you are seeing your invoices go past due and can’t convince your clients to render payment, your business endeavors will suffer. We will work with you on methods for collecting payment that don’t involve the courtroom in order to save you money and hassle. However, if the issue needs to be taken before a judge, we will work to aggressively recover your lost funds.
  • Commercial real estate: Much like when you enter a contract, any transaction involving commercial real estate should be reviewed and certified by a professional–you would hate to overlook any fine print that disadvantages you, after all. When multiple business partners are responsible for a piece of commercial real estate, disputes often arise. Issues regarding maintenance, rent payments, service providers, contractors, or tenants are all common. We can work with you to resolve these disputes, review your lease, and guide you through your options in order to best protect your interests.
  • Construction litigation: Construction projects are hotbeds for legal issues. When you begin a construction project, your itinerary and tight deadline don’t always go to plan, and the whole process can be fraught with issues like vendors bailing out, workplace injury, overspending, non-payment, and plenty more. We will represent you with our knowledge of the construction industry, which is a special area of interest for our firm.

These are common legal reasons it’s important to retain a business lawyer to ensure the legality of your operations and prevent any challenges to your business interests, though they are far from the only issues that can arise. Our team of Surrey, BC business lawyers has extensive experience dealing with these and other legal issues that concern your practice. We have the knowledge and skills to represent you no matter where you fall on the scale in these disputes.

Why You Should Contact Our Surrey, BC Business Lawyers

Whatever your area of business, you need the help of an experienced business lawyer to ensure that you are protected day-to-day. Our staff of multilingual trial lawyers has experience personalizing our solutions to fit the specific circumstances of our clients, so you can rely on us for guidance that will make a material difference to your practice. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation and learn about the initial steps we will take to oversee the legality and smooth operation of your company.

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