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Vancouver’s Contract, Commercial Disputes, And Debt Collection

Contract commercial disputes occur when a party to a contract – either you or your client – disagree on its terms or definitions. These disputes can also arise due to professional negligence, intellectual property infringement or outstanding debt. If commercial disputes aren’t handled properly, they can be costly and time-consuming, resulting in court proceedings that can harm your reputation and business relationships.

At Lam Legal, our team of lawyers has extensive experience in all areas of debt collection, commercial law and litigation. Our lawyers will act in your best interests, providing you with expert legal advice while also considering other alternatives for dispute resolution.

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Lam legal offers advice and representation in matters involving:

Breach Of Contract

This type of business contract requires the named parties to fulfil certain obligations. A breach occurs when you or your business partner fail to fulfil the agreement, perform your duties in accordance with the agreement or satisfy the agreement within a specified time frame. If you believe a breach has occurred and you’re unable to reach an arrangement with your partner, you can file a lawsuit against the offending party to seek financial restitution. Our contract commercial disputes and debt collection lawyers have handled a wide range of cases involving such matters, and you can rely on our expertise.

Debt Collection

Opening and managing a successful business depends on continually receiving compensation for your goods and services. Often, companies struggle to manage cash flow because some debtors fail to settle invoices within the credit period. Numerous factors determine your options for collecting past-due debts. Our experienced debt collection lawyers will evaluate the situation, advise you on how to proceed and represent you in debt collection litigation.

Contractual Disputes Between Buyers and Sellers

During the transaction period in any business, disputes can arise from contractual disagreements, deposit issues or when the seller fails to disclose a problem that could otherwise affect the buyer’s decision. Conflicts can also occur when neither the buyer nor seller is willing to adhere to the terms of the agreement.

Construction Litigation

Parties often sign a contract before a construction project begins outlining what is expected of each party from start to finish. Disputes are likely to occur when one or more party fails to adhere to the stipulations of the contract. Construction disputes can result from non-payment, poor working conditions and acts of negligence. They can also arise due to claims on the quality and scope of work performed, claims of injury and death and missed project deadlines. If you are involved in a construction dispute, hiring a lawyer is essential. Our knowledgeable estate litigation lawyers will help you navigate even the most complex construction case and protect your interests. We are well versed in the construction industry and well positioned to address any issues that may arise.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions and Leases

Commercial real estate is frequently owned by multiple people or entities. When you are a co-owner, disputes can arise surrounding the maintenance or sale of the property. There can also be disagreements about tenants, rent payments and service providers. Whether you just built or bought a commercial property or have owned one for years, you might have issues you are concerned could lead to a commercial real estate dispute. Our knowledgeable lawyers at Lam Legal will determine your legal options and represent you in court, if necessary.

Contract, Commercial Disputes and Debt Collection Lawyers in Vancouver

If you are involved in a dispute with your partners, reach out to us at Lam Legal. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to quickly resolve your commercial and debt collection dispute and keep it from affecting your business.

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