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Getting divorced is never easy; regardless of how long you were married or why you are choosing to split up, ending your marriage can be a highly involved legal undertaking that will affect every area of your life going forward – your relationships, your finances, your parenting (if you have children), and more. 

That’s why it is so important to have quality legal representation on your side. Our Richmond, BC divorce lawyers can explain your options and work to achieve a fair outcome that sets you up well for the future. Call now to book a free consultation and learn more about your next steps. 

Do you really need a lawyer to get divorced?

Even if you believe your divorce will be an amicable affair and that inviting a lawyer into the process seems unnecessary, there are many difficult decisions that have to be made during the divorce process. Conflict can arise and things can become contentious very quickly. Having legal counsel is the best way to ensure that your rights and interests are protected regardless of how your divorce unfolds. 

If your divorce remains amicable, there is still a lot of paperwork to be completed; legal help will always make divorce easier, not more complicated. However, if you and your spouse can agree on most of the major issues – such as how your assets and property will be divided, how your debts will be divided, and how parenting responsibilities will be shared, etc. – then you can choose to jointly file for an uncontested divorce, which will save you time, money, and stress, and will give you the most control over the outcome. 

If an uncontested divorce is not possible, your divorce may need to go before a judge to be settled (in which case, having a lawyer to present your case persuasively before the court is critical). 

Why choose our Richmond, BC divorce lawyers to represent you?

We are trial lawyers that careWe understand that divorce can seem impossibly overwhelming, and our team can empathize with what you are going through. Our warm, caring lawyers will do everything in our power to ease the burden of your divorce. We will take the time to answer your questions and communicate with you frequently so you feel supported at every stage of your journey. Because we are experienced litigators, we are well-equipped to stand up for you in court, if that’s where your divorce ends up, but we also know many strategies that may be able to keep you out of court. We have proven ourselves, in court, to be fierce advocates. 

We are highly experiencedAt Lam Legal, our Richmond, BC divorce lawyers have over 85 years of combined experience in family law and other areas. Our knowledge of the laws in British Columbia and of the local courts can give you an advantage; we can explain what you need to do to ensure a successful, equitable resolution.   

Lay a strong foundation for your future after your marriage has ended

Particularly when you and your spouse are high earners, or have large assets, or own a business, or have children, the stakes of your divorce are significant. Because the manner in which your marriage ends and the results of your divorce are so consequential, invest in lawyers you trust to achieve the most favorable outcome. We will take a strategic, results-oriented approach tailored to your specific needs. 

Call Lam Legal today to schedule a consultation for free and discuss how our representation can be beneficial for your unique situation. Our Richmond, BC divorce lawyers look forward to hearing from you and talking about how we can help.

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