Richmond, BC

Richmond, British Columbia is the next-door neighbor to Vancouver and is located just a short 20-minute drive from the United States border. The city is mostly known for its heavy Asian influence; both residents and visitors alike can experience the most wondrous parts of the Far East without ever having to leave North America! Families who call this unique place home deserve legal representation that also strives to meet their unique needs, and Lam Legal is the firm they turn to.

Our team of highly-skilled, multilingual lawyers have a collective 85 years of legal experience serving clients in matters pertaining to business litigation, estate litigation, insurance denials, personal injury, family law, immigration, probate, and more! We are committed to exceeding your expectations in service, strategy, and support, all while leading you to the best possible outcome in your legal dilemma. Call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how our knowledgeable Richmond legal team can give you an advantage!

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